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These are photographs of my friend, John Parker of Tennessee. He came to Idaho in March, never having fly fished let alone fished for Steelhead. We fished the Upper Salmon River near Challis and used your products exclusively. He landed five of the nine fish he hooked including these three.

I was impressed with your TroutBeads and the TB Peggz I purchased from your company to secure the beads. I've used toothpicks and blood knots in the past, neither of which worked satisfactorily, particularly for novice fly fishers.

I hope one of these pictures I am submitting will be satisfactory to add to your company's "Brag Page". I see them as fitting tribute to the effectiveness of your products.

Pete Boll

TroutBeads have held an essential place in my tool box for many years. Their realism and simplicity is an amazingly effective way of replicating nature. The variety of sizes and colors allow me to match the salmon I am fishing behind... from Kings to Sockeye to Silvers, finding that special bead is well worth the effort. After guiding on the Kenai for trout for 22 years, I have seen countless trophy Rainbows and most were taken on TroutBeads. I proudly recommend this product.

Good Fishing-
Alaska Fishing with Mark Glassmaker

Here are a few pics I'd like to submit for the Brag Page. These were caught on Sun Orange in South Fork Clearwater.
Love your products!
Jake Doherty
Butte, MT

I use TroutBeads all the time and would probably stop fishing if I didn't have them... HAHA!

Ryan Herbert

A buddy of mine introduced me to TroutBeads just over a year ago. They have made an amazing difference in the number of winter Steelhead my clients and I catch, and I have also used them for summer Steelhead and trout with great success. I have become convinced that there is no better egg pattern available. I use them every day, and have seen them catch literally hundreds of Steelhead in the last year.

Ethan Nickel 

I use only TroutBeads when fishing for Rainbows and Steelhead on the Sacramento, Trinity and Smith Rivers.

Kirk Portocarrero (on the left)
Sac River Guide

Just wanted to share a picture from my last trip steelhead fishing in northern Oregon. I have never seen anything produce fish consistently like TroutBeads. Thanks for making such a great product.

I have been using your products for a couple years now and really love them. I am especially impressed with your BeadHooks and not only use them for beads but they are my go to hook for all of my egg patterns and many of my nymphs. They are without a doubt the sharpest hooks I have used and the bend seems to be just right for a good hook set and hold.

Bob Y.

Our guides target big B-run Steelhead on the Clearwater River in Idaho and there are few baits, lures or flies that can compete with the effectiveness, ease of use and affordability of TroutBeads! We love them because there is a great selection of colors, styles and sizes that allow us to change things up and catch that 20lb+ fish every year.

Ryan Pitcher-
Clearwater River Company

Here is a couple of nice pics of Brown Trout caught on TroutBeads a couple of weeks ago in Australia

Thanks for a great product!
Richard Somerton

Center pinning for fresh steelhead on the Pere Marquetter River in beautiful Michigan this past weekend. We scored big. Thanks!

Here's one of the pics of the fish we've been catching in Washington on your beads!

Parker Bunbury

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Your beads simply are the best for Salmon, Trout, Char and Steel.

No other way to put it. I've been having a ton of success using them out here in Washington.

Here are a couple recent catches.

Happy New Year!

I never leave the house without beads. I can thank TroutBeads for my hat trick last year. 14, 13, 12 lb browns all in the same day.

John Ferencak-

Love these Beads! We're catching steelies within the first few drifts after others have camped for a period of time chucking spawn bags-
Big confidence booster!

Thanks for the beads!

Harry T.
-Western Michigan

Absolutely love your beads. Produce consistent fishing all day long. Caught October 2013 - 26.5 inch, 11lb male Brown. My biggest so far-

Paul Holzheimer- NY

Hey Guys-
Love the beads. Great colors and size selection.

Thank again-
Brad Thompson
Northern Idaho

Hey Guys-
We had a great day of success on the Oregon coast fishing the Beads... What a couple of days!

Nick Popov-

Andy Neeson with 2 nice steelhead he caught on the PM River a few weeks ago!