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TroutBeads against the "real deal" eggs from a spawning Chinook salmon. (The bead is the one on the upper right.)
Submitted By:
Jerry Herrod
TroutBeads are the closest thing to real salmon eggs I've seen in both looks as well as the way they are drifting.

Great product!

Monte Casey
Nicholas Hawthorne having excellent success fishing a Frosted GlowBead 8mm, for the evening bite.
Thanks for all the great service for the past 7 years to our lodge and our guests. All your great custom colors of TroutBeads continually just DOMINATE our huge Rainbows and Dolly Varden on the Alagnak River in Katmai Park.

Thanks again and keep up the great work with TroutBeads as we love 'em!

Photo taken by John Hyde of Wild Things Photography

Charlie Summerville-
Alaska Adventures
"Helping Trout have a bad day since 1985"
Just wanted to say that you guys make the best beads out there! I’ve used many types of beads but nothing like Troutbeads. I took a sample from the river and compared it to your eggs and not only are they identical but they have the same buoyancy as natural roe.

Thanks again, Nate Taylor
This steelhead was caught in the third week of april on a 8mm mottled Tangerine bead. It still has its sea lice by my left hand. Great product.

Brandon Taylor
Once again, a great product!
Take Care-

John Catoul
Ontario, Canada

Nice underwater shot of a Dolly Varden
taken by Cullen Murphy

I was recently fishing (floating the Green at low flows) with a friend who uses your TroutBeads religiously. I witnessed many large fish go out of their way to eat the bead... Good stuff! I look forward to having them in my flybox... Thanks

Paul Killino
When roe doesn't work, the beads do! I am a centerpinner and I never go down the river without my beads.

Great products and great variety
Thanks- Ryan Miley
I have been trying TroutBeads for approximately 2 years now, but started really using them in the spring of 2009. I have had GREAT success using your product. I am a centerpinner and have been for over 20 years. I have tried many, many products in that time period, but have not had the success rate that I have had with your product.

You have excellent products and made a TRUE believer out of me. Keep up the great work !!!

Jerry Brydalski
Custom Tackle/Renegade Rods
This late August my brother, Grandpa & I caught over a hundred dollies in three hours. We were fishing a small tributary to a secret lake on Prince of Wales Island in SE Alaska. The sockeye were running and the trout were there.

My first cast went into a hanging tree and left my bead dangling and skimming the surface of the water and a trout from 5 feet away took the bead and unsnagged me in the process! The rest of the hours were filled with a trout hitting the beads on literally every single cast. TroutBeads are the most effective method I've used for fall trout here in Alaska.
Great product!

Written by Brandon Taylor
Future guide and fishing addict

Here is one of the 32 fish we caught in 3 days... AWESOME PRODUCT !!

Thank you- Joe "Doc" Woodland

I have been guiding on the Salmon and Delaware Rivers in New York for 15 years, and am a firm believer in your products. Thay do produce!

James Zervos

A beautiful brown trout on another day of fishing, using a Natural Roe BloodDot Egg, size 8mm

Nicholas Hawthorne

Our friend, Jason White from Brush Creek Flies with another giant Brown from a Colorado River.

Yah, baby!
50 to 70 fish a day on the bead!
Truley awesome product. 10mm Glow Roe is deadly fished under a float on New York's Oswego River. Look at the bead hanging from this Steelhead's mouth!

James Rodden-
Kingston, NY
This is a 27 in. steelhead I caught on the 16th of January on an 8mm BloodDot Dirty Roe and the pic below is a steelhead I caught on the 17th of January on 8mm Mottled Tangerine on the American River in Sacremento, California.

Great products!
Rob Polk
I have been fishing your beads all fall and winter in the Oswego and Salmon Rivers in New York. I have caught 50 Browns and 36 Steelhead this season so far and it's going to get better!

Frank R Squadrito
Thanks to TroutBeads I caught a few of my biggest Steelhead on GlowBeadz this past summer.

You can fully charge the GlowBeadz with an ultraviolet pen light in one second.

Jeffrey Abbott
Cleveland, OH
My name is Mike Price and I was first introduced to TroutBeads about 4 years ago, and turned my nose to them. C'mon I thought these things couldn't possibly work! About 2 years later I ran out of real egg sacs and decided to try something new. It was a MAJOR awakening! I now carry a 24 compartment box full of your beads and I have not tied egg sacs in 2 years!

Thank you-
Salmon River, NY Fishing Guide
I just want to tell you guys that these beads are the best thing on the market for catching monster trout. I am a center pin fisherman and fish many of the Great Lakes Tributaries. Your beads have accounted for 90% of the fish I have caught so far this season and I am sure many more trout will fall to this presentation by the end of the season. Your 6mm beads are absolutely deadly during those clear water conditions for both Steelhead and Brown Trout.

Thanks alot for a great product.
Andy Korol-
A Rainbow, a Steelhead and a Brown all caught on a bead in the same day! I'm a believer! Or maybe I should've said a "beadliever" !
-Robert Austenfeld - Team, NY

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Here is a pic from your newest customer of NY Steelhead and Browns caught on TroutBeads. All fish were taken under a float on centerpin tackle.

Regards- Eric

Your beads are simple to fish and very effective! Love 'em!

Mike Dunlap
Your products are by far the best egg imitation I have seen.

Keep up the good work!
Brian Kelly
Field Editor / Great Lakes Angler
I just wanted to show you guys this monster I caught using your Glow Roe beads on the Clearwater River in Northern Idaho. This 39 inch, 19 pounder was caught on the 28th of February, 2009. I gotta say that I was quite skeptical at first, but after fishing with your beads, I am a true believer in your products.

Thank you TroutBeads for helping me create some amazing memories!

John Kile
Hey TroutBeads-

It's Tommy from CT. Just got back from my trip to the Cattaraugus Creek, Elk Creek and Oak Orchard River. The beads worked great! We landed a ton of fish on the Elk and a few on the Catt. and a monster brown on the Oak with a BloodDot 8mm.

Thanks for everything-
Thomas Baranowski
I just wanted to send a letter of thanks! Since I started fishing your TroutBeads 2 seasons ago, I find that I harvest fewer females for bait. My friends and I fish TroutBeads under floats and they really knock the snot out of fish! We have caught countless fish on your beads in all three sizes. We have our favorite colors, but they all seem to work!

Regards, Danny Ross
Bellmawr, NJ
Thank you for making such awesome beads! I work at a hatchery, with phenomenal fishing right out my front door. Your beads are the new hot thing on Oregon's Central coast for Steelhead. Keep it up! I can't wait to pick up a bunch of the new BloodDotEggs and MottledBeads (problem being, NOBODY even close to me carries them!) Good thing for the internet...

Eric Martin
Alsea, OR
I fished the Muskegon River in Michigan a couple days ago chasing Steelhead. I managed to get a few trout, but the steelies weren't cooperating very well. I switched up to an 8mm Glo Roe TroutBead and hooked up with a steelie right away, and lost it. Same story three drifts later. Another 5 drifts and this trophy Walleye came to net! She was released to go do her spawning dance. Definitely the fish of the day!

Who ever said TroutBeads were only for Trout, Steelhead and Salmon?!

Eric "The Fishin' Ish" Conner-
Ionia, Michigan
Hey TroutBeads,

Just another stellar report with your TroutBeads! I've been waiting a long time to fish the Great Lakes, and this year I can't get enough! Guide and Trout Predator, Aaron Jasper turned me onto TroutBeads and since then I can't stop catching big fish.
These three pictures say it all: a beautiful 12lb. chrome Steelhead caught on 8mm Dirty Roe, a trophy 8+lb. Brown Trout caught on 6mm Apricot, and a Chinook King Salmon caught on 8mm Glo Roe, all from the Salmon River in New York state. A true grand slam!

David "Dave the Rave" Fulmer
New York, NY
Here's a fat Steelie caught on Dark Roe

- Travis De Boer
Dale Murray of Phoenix, Arizona with a 36 in. Alaskan Steelhead caught on a custom painted 6mm Glo Roe TroutBead. Thank you for a great product and service
Tim Pearson of Arvada, Colorado with a 39 in. Alaskan Steelhead caught on an 8mm Tangerine MottledBead
Here's a Great Lakes Steelhead caught on an 8mm Glo Roe TroutBead.

-Brett McCrae
Hey TroutBeads,

My first day ever using your beads and I hooked 5 Steelhead and landed three here on the Siletz River in Oregon.

I started with the bead as a dropper off my bobber and jig set up. Then got rid of the jig and ran only the bead on a longer leader.

Thanks- Matthew Brockamp
Hey TroutBeads,

Just wanted to say thanks. The very first time I used your beads I caught a nice Steelhead. The water was crystal clear, low and slow. You made my day... I tie my own flies but can't tie a single egg pattern for beans... so it was a pleasure to discover your products and find that it works.

Thanks again-
Mike Hefner
I learned about TroutBeads while fishing Alaska in 2005. I purchased some and tried them recently with great success. The trout loved them, especially the big Browns.

The photo on the bottom is of me holding a 24 inch Brown that I caught using your 6mm Glo Roe Troutbead on the Connetquot River in New York.

George Jaccoud
I just wanted to say I love your TroutBeads product. I've spent two summers in Alaska and hands down, I've caught more trout on your beads than any other fly or lure.

Joe List

I have guided in Alaska at Bristol Bay Lodge and that's where I first learned of using your TroutBeads. I've shown the rig to people on the water here in Michigan and told them of your website and their jaws usually drop. People out this way just don't know, and that's a shame.
Thanks for your time,
Justin F. Durrance
Another awesome weekend using TroutBeads. With the rain we recieved over the weekend, the summer run Steelhead were on the move... Just one of many taken with Sun Orange TroutBeads this weekend. We averaged a 7-1 hook up ratio over flies and other egg patterns... unbelievable!
Thanks much for a great product!

Nate Riddle
Great Lakes Tributaries
I just returned from my first trip to Alaska... and the fishing was unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life!!! We fished 3 different streams; the Quartz, the Russian River and Ptarmigan Creek, and did exceptionally well on the Quartz catching some trophy class bows and Dolly Varden. Much of our success is owed to your Trout Beads.

As working college students we didn't have much money to spend on an outfitter, so we decided to do it all on our own and beleive it or not, I feel we did WELL, considering very little time spent in the creeks and a whole new type of flyfishing tackle that I have never used. The selection of Trout Bead colors and sizes made it easy to figure out what was the preferred egg size and color combinations.

Thank You
Chris Davanzo
Dave Yoder with yet another MONSTER in Alaska

Thanks TroutBeads!
TroutBeads convert Jeff Cusumano lands his first ever fly rod Steelhead. But the first wasn't his last... Jeff went on to hook and land a bunch of the silver slabs while on a recent trip to Alaska.

Hi TroutBeads,

On the left is a male Steelhead I caught on the 30th of April on a "Sun Orange" TroutBead and on the right, a female I caught on the 23rd, also on Sun Orange. As always your TroutBeads work outstanding ... They are the best kept secret in New York State.

Chuck Booker

Trout Beads are definately one of my favorite baits when fishing. Fly fishing or not, they work great and can be used in many different successful ways. Both fishing and in tackle making. They definitely catch a lot of fish and have been my number one producer here in Alaska. I would highly recommend these to other fishermen everywhere! When I am not using flies, I am using a bead. One summer I was nailing Dollies and Rainbows, one after another. All on the color "Dirty Roe". Out of all the beads I have seen, Trout Beads are the most realistic looking. They come in such great colors!

Geoff Pratt
Wasilla, Alaska
My friend and I used your TroutBeads for the first time last fall in the upper Kenai. We had a great time landing Dolly Varden, Rainbows and Reds, all on beads. We noticed that most of the local guides were using the same technique we were from shore, with equal success. We caught and released 90 plus fish in a day and a half's fishing. No record for the area, but outstanding compared to our home waters. You produce an excellent product. Can't wait to drift the beads back in Pennsylvania for Steelhead.

Joe Miller
Clinton, PA 15026
Fishing at the river mouth where the Tongariro River enters Lake Taupo, Central North Island, New Zealand.

This is an area where the river, only 12 inches deep, flows over a sand bar into 90 feet of water. The Rainbows are congregating here, waiting to run up the river to spawn, once the conditions are in their favor, that is heavy rainfall lifting the depth and coloring the river. This usually starts early May, but this year we have had unusually low rainfalls. The Rainbows continue to run in large numbers until about October. This was my first outing with the Trout Beads. On my third cast of the morning, on a 10mm "Tangerine" Trout bead, I hooked and landed the Rainbow shown in the photo. This fish weighed a respectable 7-3/4 pounds. Fish of this size are certainly not uncommon at this time of year, but we would expect to average between 4 and 5 pounds. This fish was caught using super fast sinking shooting head (about 11 inches oer second) cast out over the lip, allowed to sink, then slowly retrieved back. On the following day, the same Trout bead accounted for several more fish until the on-shore prevailing wind prevented us from fishing any longer at this location. I am looking forward to my next fishing trip (June if all goes well), where I intend to trail the Trout Beads on running fish in the river.

Murray Tonks

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These summer runs this year couldn't lay off the Glow Roe BloodDot 10mm bead. It was like we were using roe. Catching fish one after another.

Also on the new 10mm Cerise TroutBead. all the Cerise beads are deadly. Glad you guys came out with those beads.

I've been ordering lots of beads from you guys this year and have had great success. I live in Port Alberni British Columbia. 

By the way, your beads do wonders on the stamp system.

Brad Kasken

This nice male Rainbow hit an 8mm Natural Roe MottledBead on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY in early October of 2010.
Thanks for a great product.
Ithaca, NY

Here is a picture of a Steelhead my wife, Heidi caught using TroutBeads this past weekend. We were drifting on the Nestucca River in Oregon. Our guide was Nate Cornelius from North Coast Angling

Jim Adcock

Two nice trout caught on TroutBeads in December-
Happy New Year!

Brain Schaffler

Beautiful catch!
Submitted by Frank Zak


I started tying trolling flies with your GlowBeadz
last year and had great success with them throughout the season.

Here is a picture of a couple fish my wife and I caught last season on Lake Michigan. Thank you for providing us
with an outstanding product!


Kirsten & Kyle Jansen

I started using TroutBeads this year and I caught this MONSTER fish. Four of us went and all we used were TroutBeads.

These beads ROCK!  Jeffery Hammond

This 15+ lb. male was caught on a 10mm Glow Roe.
Thanks for a great product!

Johnny Rosado

This fish was the only one caught the morning of saturday the 30th. I was
using your frosted glow roe in a 8mm size.
I love your products, and your great service.

Thank you

Christopher Mickelsen
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Night fishing 3 days after getting my GlowBeadz. Thanks so much!

Alex Gonzalez

This past weekend was a bloodbath! 10mm BD Glow Roe and 10mm BD Ruby Roe was like candy to these big drop back medalheads. I cannot believe how well this product works. Outfishes Globugs and Jensen eggs 10:1! A guide was parked next to me and couldn't coax any with bags. I was just below him and his clients, absolutely cleaning house. THANK YOU!!!!

Christopher Takacs

Havin' fun with TroutBeads-
Simply amazing!   -
Brian C.

This fish was caught on your 10mm Apricot bead. It's a Pennsylvania mail Steelhead and was released.

Paul Fec

I was just in Alaska for the first time and went into a shop on the Kenai to get some gear and they recommened using your beads if I wanted to have a successful trip. I took their advice and picked up a couple of packs of 8mm and these are some of the fish I hooked into! TroutBeads rock!

Marc Koenig

My name is Joe Srouji and I own Angler's Edge Outdoors Guide Service. I fish out of Niagara and Erie County in Upstate NY. Mostly centerpin trips and your product has helped me keep my catches up in all rivers I fish. Especially in areas that are no kill artificial baits only.

5 fish in 2 hours without rebaiting everycast made a believer out of me especially since I didn't see another fish caught! You took my favorite bait single eggs and made them enjoyable to fish.

Thank you for this great product
Nathan Zajac

And a bonus- Future generations already hooked on your product! I think the thumbs up and smile says it all.

I have to admit, as a lifelong egg sac dunker, I was very skeptical of your product. After just two trips on two different Lake Ontario tribs, I am sold. I am stroked that I now have a new ethical way to catch both trout and salmon.

Thank you TroutBeads!
Van Rundt-

** The bead in this pic slid up the line while playing the fish. As I have been keeping it at about an inch and a half from the hook. I am aware of some of the unfounded controversy surrounding the legitity of your product and I assure you I use it in a manner which is conductive to fair chase. Thanks again for a great product.

I have caught numerous trout, steelhead and salmon on TroutBeads and feel the pegged hook is much easier on the fish. I have been tying an egg loop and using yarn to
protect myself against these new fish Nazis. I heard they are enforcing this upon the Missouri as well as the Bighorn.

For years, I have fished a bare hook with a small corkie above it for steelhead and salmon, which would also fall into this same category. I agree with you that this is BS and bead fishermen of Alaska have proven that it eliminates a lot of deep hooking on the trout.

Thanks again for your reply. I have attached a picture of a nice Idaho steelhead that took a 6mm Ruby RoeTroutBead.

Dan Gray

Love your products. Just started using them two years ago. Amazing. To the right is my son, Julian. He got this fish on a 10mm Natural Roe with my own little touch to it.

Thank you-
Steve Bowman

Cameron- Passing on a few fish pics... a couple friends of mine came over to fish on the weekend and the three of us fished a total of 10.5 hours, hooking 69 fish on 10 & 12mm Mottled Orange Pearl and Natural Roe. If your travels take you towards the Oregon coast, I'd gladly get you into a few fish-

Eric Martin

Hey There TroutBeads Guys-
Just wanted to give you a shoutout for all the great products you guys have come up with. Until about a year ago, I never fished anything but the yarn egg. One day on the Blue River, I was introduced to TroutBeads. I don't think I've fished any other type of egg since then. The fish love TroutBeads, and so do we.

Thanks again for some great work.
-Justin S.

A nice sampling of EggHead ideas 
-Submitted by Eric Martin

Fished your beads for the first time in western NY. Caught 3 Browns, 1 Rainbow and 3 Suckers. Almost all were on Orange Glow, smaller size. I'm hooked! Caught using my 13' 6 - Raven Center Pin and Orvis 3wt.

Matt Bezek

Even from far away it's easy to see the TroutBead in the face of this steelhead. TroutBeads worked great and caught more fish than anything else.

Roy Gray

Couldn't have had a better Spring 2012 Steelhead season using TroutBeads on the Salmon River in Idaho- I still have a couple weeks left if my arm holds out.

My wife also did outstanding!
Earl & Millie Sweig
Meridian, ID

Decent Native Steely on an 8mm Orange-

Anthony Mazza

Marty Turek - Nice Fish!

Steelie on the BEAD!  - Clint Wehr

These are some nice trout I caught on your products.Thanks TroutBeads!

Doug Draper

Anthony Jewell with a really nice trout caught on a Mottled Ruby Roe

First cast of the day on a Mottled bead and the new TB-Peggz ... BOOM!

Scott Besade